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Amethyst Group, Inc. - Unique Gifts to Support the Fight Against Canine Cancer

Villalbobos and what they do for the pitbulls - you know the show on Animal Planet - Pitbulls and Parolees? That is all about Villalobos! In late 2011/early 2012 they left California and split into 2 groups - one in Roswell, NM to home the "Lifers"  headed by Mando and Ruby  - the now 9 bullies that will live out their years at The Sanctuary. The pitbulls for adoption are now in New Orleans in the lower 9th Ward with Tia.

Amethyst Group is supporting one of the "lifers" at Roswell - Spyder! He is gorgeous, he  is happy in his home with Mando and Ruby and the others at The Sanctuary -  so we are content to send him gifts and toys (of course, not just for him - everyone there is included!)

Amethyst Group, Inc. raises funds and awareness for the  Pitbulls, Galgos, Greyhounds and Lurchers and the fight against canine cancer! Join us!!

This is Spyder, our sponsored son - he lives at Villalobos Sanctuary, New Mexico and he is modeling the new training leash we sent that just arrived!! Mando and Ruby at Villalobos posted 2/28/12:
"Thank you Tibbi , from Amethyst Group, Inc.and also to Betty Deneen!! We appreciate all of the gifts for the dogs! Spyder and all the other Sanctuary Dogs send you lots of slobbers and drools!"

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