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The greyhound Song
a song about greyhounds and rooing

I am a chipper - I admit that I can't have just one (retired racing greyhounds, that is). I am not alone - when you are owned by a retired racer, their personalities are so perfect, so sweet and so loving, you fling open your heart and the doors to your home to more!!

Azie (racing name:Ps Drop Off; forever name Azrial's Drop Off) was our first. Born on 3/8/97 - Azie adopted us on 2/3/01. He was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in December of 2007, had his rear leg amputated in January 2008 and lived life to it's fullest on only 3 legs. Sadly, he crossed The Rainbow Bridge at high noon, Valentine's Day 2/14/09. He is the inspiration behind Azie's Angels (on the About US page) and our driving force behind our donation policy to groups that support canine cancer research, support of families with canine cancer and more!

We were adopted by GiGi (racing name: JAMS Ginas Guide) in September of 2001 to keep Azie company. Gigs was born 9-1-99 and was diagnosed with Osteoscarcoma in November of 2011. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge 8-15-12 due to complications of this hideous disease.

Callie's Less Reason (racing name: Less Reason) adopted us 11-11-07. He was born 6-1-04 and is named in honor of his daddy - Less Gravity, forever known as Callie by the gang at Greyhound Adoption of Ohio. Callie (the dad) never got his forever home as he crossed the Bridge due to Osteosarcoma. Our Cal is his daddy's spitting image and such a gentleman - he represents us at meet and greets in the Central Ohio area. 

Then we were adopted by the Galgo Twins - Maxie and Bella - the week after Azie Crossed the Rainbow Bridge. They are really twins (siblings, if you must) rescued by Scooby Medina in Spain from the certain death of a coursing hound in 2004 and came home to our hearts 2-20-09. While Galgos don't usually get Osteosarcoma, they can get other canine cancers - Bella has Mast Cell Tumors that have been removed, but were malignant.

The biggest of my fur kids is a Sloughi (aka an Arabian Greyhound). Plumed Serpents Centauri is an AKC registered Sloughi, born 6-24-09 and came home to take over our house 3-23-10. We call him CharlieBones and he is tall, sleek and "was" a bit boney - now he's just tall and sleek!! His new Best Friend is our little guy - an 8 year old rescue -  A Biggie Iggie (Italian Greyhound) - herules the roost despite his size!His name is The Notorious B.I.G.gie Iggie - but we just call him Remmy!