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This is Scooby Medina ! Scooby Animal Shelter in 2010
May 2010 saw a group of English volunteers descend upon the Scooby shelter to volunteer to fix things up - check it out!
Maxie and Bella - rescued by Scooby and now in their forever home with us. Please read more about the galgos and what Scooby does for them - then donate though us or directly to make a difference!!
  The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine is connected to Scooby by Dr. Guillermo Couto, a professor at the university who is an avid supporter of the shelter and especially passionate and dedicated advocate of the galgos of Spain.

Over the last 20 years, Scooby has grown into an international organization and the largest animal shelter in Spain. Scooby is a safe haven for dogs, mainly Galgos, cats, donkeys, animals saved from factory farming and many other rescues, with the aim of taking action to improve animal welfare and find adoption homes for their pet animals.This is all achieved by donors and volunteers from different countries, who made it possible to achieve what they accomplished so far, with limited funds.
(R) Dr. Cristina Iazbik, managing director of the Animal Blood Bank("Auntie Cristina" to Bella and Max - formerly one of her donors until he aged out of the program) and (L) Dr. C. Guillermo Couto, director of Clinical Hematology/Oncology and Animal Blood Bank.

The OSU team at Scooby, headed by Dr. Couto give us a big OH-IO!!