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About Us
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The Race
Amethyst Group, Inc.

Lisabeth (Tibbi) Ramsdell and family - Anon, James and Juliann

* eBay Top-Rated Seller past 5 years
* 100% Customer Approval on eCommerce stores
* 2011 Donations to fight Canine Cancer and help rehome the hounds: $8,000
* 2012 Donations to fight Canine Cancer and help rehome the hounds: $12,000

AGI takes great pride in our recognized and respected care and service to all customers.  With Amethyst Group our forte is Customer Care -  taking care of our buyers (and our vendors, too!) is our #1 concern. Our philosophy is that anyone can sell 'stuff' online or in person, but it's the care during and after the sale that creates an ongoing relationship.

The humans behind Amethyst Group, Inc are: Lisabeth (Tibbi); Anon ;  James; and Juliann. The true rulers-of-the-roost are our rescue ex-racing Greyhound (Callie's Less Reason), our twins - Galgo Espanol (Spanish Greyhounds) from Scooby Medina near Madrid (Pilar Bella Cristina Melanie and Donn Pablo Max Guillermo - aka Maxie and Bella) and our Sloughi (aka Arabian Greyhound), Plumed Serpent's Centauri; Juliette our 18' clouded boa, James'  leopard gecko "Spot" and his Bullie - Jax and his boxer mix, Bella, and now Juliann's MultiPoo, Blake.

Canine Cancer, Osteosarcoma, took Azie and GiGi both


Our beloved ex-Racer, Azrial (racing name - P's Drop Off) crossed the Rainbow Bridge at high noon, Valentine's Day, 2009 after a valiant battle with Osteosarcoma. While Azie has moved on, his inspiration lives on through Azie's Angels - his pawprint on this earth to bring knowledge and support to greyhounds and their families living with that monster, osteosarcoma.  His fur sister, GiGi (JAMS Gena Guide crossed 8/15/12 due to this same horrid disease.

Azie's Angels also supports greyhound, galgo, lurcher and pitbull rescue and rehoming.  The majority of our sales include a donation to  valid, registered 501(c)3 non -profit groups that have a track record of minimal administrative costs and maximum donations. (Our current donation groups are: GREYlong ( , Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation ( (I am on their Board of Directors), and Villalobos Rescue Center (, Scooby Medina del Campo and all they do for the Spanish Galgos ( as well as several greyhound adoption groups.

Links to these groups may be also found on our Links tab to your left - their 501(c)3 registration information will be found on their pages.