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Amethyst Group, Inc. - Unique Gifts to Support the Fight Against Canine Cancer

Looking forward to all the greyt events and opportunities in 2016 to share our Amethyst Group and PUPDora new creations!

Upcoming events for our POP-UP STORE:
We sell our art primarily through our POP-UP STORES, but we know not everyone can shop in person. Since the majority of of what we offer are one-of -a-kind items, contact us at for creating your custom gifts!
We do have some items offered here, as well as at our eBay store so check both out. If you don't see what you desire, just contact us directly. Here is the link to our eBay store: 

Through eBay's Giving Works, many of our eBay store items are raising funding canine cancer research and adoption/rescue groups. We have Doberman garden and home decor supporting Hand Me Down Dobes to help rehome dobermans in Central Ohio. Of course, we continue to fully support GREYLong

We loved seeing everyone at the gatherings in 2015!
Ohio IG Resuce Woof & Wine    

Hand Me Down Dobes   Dash for Dobes 5K Run & 1K Walk

Heart of America Greyhound Gathering

Dublin Pet Fair

Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue's Annual Gathering

Our Racing greyhound ear tattoo jewelry is available - contact us via email for a custom made bracelet or necklace with your racer or retired racer's tatts! For those wondering what the whole ear tattoo thing is about, here's a bit of info!

New Retired Racing Greyhound owners and fans may not know their hounds have tattoos - Check out the information here for how to find them and what they mean.  For those with beautiful pups without ear tats, we've just the jewelry for you too!

GO BUCKS and DAWG'S In DA BIG HOUSE! TATTOOS NOT REQUIRED! Beading offered in Black/White; Silver Plated or Solid Sterling!
Single Bracelets. Double Bracelets. Leather. Hemp. Necklaces, too! The possibilities are only limited by imagination!

CONTACT ME AT AMETHYSTGROUPS@YAHOO.COM to design your own and for detailed pricing!  Very fun and very affordable! Priced from $6.00

The update of this website in underway to share our exclusive PUPDora 'YOUR CREATION', 'REAL DOGS', 'MOBIUS NECKWARMERS' and more!  Feel free to email us at for a print or emailed catalog, complete price list or with your questions as we work to bring you want you want to see!

About our donations and fund-raising: While the RRGS (Retired Racing Greyhounds) we have been adopted by have been primarily affected by Osteosarcoma and Mast Cell Cancers, we are also researching and supporting other canine cancers.  Since we lost our Azrial in 2009 to canine osteosarcoma, the fundraising division of Amethyst Group has donated over $45,000 in cash, auction items and in-kind services to the fight against canine cancers. And ALL the thanks go to our wonderful customers who purchase from us - YOU are  the ones who have made this possible and we thank YOU so much!

Every item we sell has all proceeds donated to the fight against canine cancers or to support the rescue of the Galgos (Spanish greyhounds); Lurchers (greyhound mixes) and Pitbulls (the most misunderstood gentle breed ever) and rehoming rescued Dobermans.  I have many items listed here, but our primary sales location is on our eBay Store -
Update on Canine Cancers: The gene underlying canine osteosarcoma (long bone cancer) has been identified. This not only helps the dogs, but translates directly to osteosarcoma in preadolscent males humans. Back to the hounds - there are open studies now for osteo treatment and a canine cancer vaccine. Watch my facebook page ( for updates as they happen!


We have new additions - in gifts AND in houndies!!

Hounds first! Our greyt team, aka The Gahanna 5 Pak, has grown over the year with the additions of our greyhound twins, 2 year olds Sienna and Sawyer! They didn't seem interested in racing, so their awesome kennel, Craigie Kennel - Julie and Steve - decided they needed a kouch rather than a Kennel! Adopted through Minnesota Greyhound Adoption, the girls are having the time of their lives shaking up the staus quo here on Sandburr Drive. We love watching their brothers, Divide Another (Senastian), Subtract Another (Sebahstian) and Multiply Another (Santiago) move up in their racing career with Melody Alves as trainer at Daytona Beach! Brother Adding Another is retired now and sister, Shya, is living the life with friends in Minnesota!

Since I am no longer 'allowed' to bring home any more hounds (per the Gahanna 5 pak and hubby), I am now adding (future) racing pups through partnering with Sandy Syndicate in buying shares in future racers! Our first, Duke(upper right), out of Yahoo Ruthie by DJays Octane is now completing his training and has his racing name - Shared Experience! Hubby's November birthday present was a 4% share in the pup that Brian Witt (the brains and the huMan behind Sandy Syndicate) has named Dozer. Dozer is stunningly CUTE and only a few months old now. That's baby Dozer at the upper left. Join in the fun with Sandy Syndicate in "owning" your own racing greyhound - from pup to track - you can own a 4% share in the future winnings for as little as $150 and have such fun with your co-owners as Brian shares the growing up days and educates us all about the facts of the racing life.  Check out or on FaceBook!

The fight against canine cancer continues here....sweet memories
Our Galgo, Maxie (aka Maxwell Pablo Edison to his FaceBook fans),  now runs free with his twin, Bella.  While they both battled cancer in their lives, they crossed the Bridge in old age and with love. We are sure they have reunited with Azie and GiGi and are having a blast with all of their friends, new and old.

Here are a few recipes that sustained our cancer hounds and led them to longer lives....

* Holistic Cancer Diet is based on Brown rice, darkly colored fruits and veggies all cooked and fed daily. I use a crock pot to make this. Add what you want, but not any onions, garlic, grapes, raisins or other toxic food for your houndies.
I use a
  • 3 lb bag of brown rice and add to it
  • 11-13 c. water,
  • a bundle of chopped kale,
  • 5 apples chunked up,
  • 1 each red, yellow and green sweet peppers deseeded and chopped,
  • 1 cup or more of blueberries
  • 2-4 pounds of chicken (deboned)
  • 5-6 tomatoes chunked up
  • and anything else that is veggie and has a rich color.
Add all to a large crock-pot or divide among 2. Add water or broth as needed to cover all.  Cook on low until all water is absorbed. You can also make this in a pot on the stove-top and cook until the rice is done. Bag in zip locks and store in the fridge until needed. These bags freeze ok.

***Weight-On MeatBalls

I made these for Bella since she had trouble eating and keeping weight on. She loved these!
  • 2 lb ground beef (the higher the fat content, the better)
  • 1 cup smooth peanut butter
  • 1/4 c Karo syrup
  • 1 Cup oatmeal 
  • 4 eggs

Mix all well. You can make these into meatballs (the size depends on the size of your dog )and bake at 350 for about 20 min, and they are good to freeze. I make this into a meatloaf and bake for 35-45 minutes at 350 and chunk it up at dinner time.

Everyone who knows me knows my love of crystals , minerals and gemstones and affinity for crystal healing.  Here are some of our newest gemstone necklaces - straight from the gemstone dealers at the International Gem and Mineral Shows in Tuscon. I offer you Semi-precious gemstone necklaces in all different styles - AMETHYST(of course!); Pearl; clear, rutilated, rose and smokey Quartz Crystal; Larimar; Turquoise; Howlite; Jasper; Obsidian; Coral; Tiger's Eye;  Carnelian and so many more (and not ALL are all  greyhound-themed, but many are!)

This website is created for YOU  to enjoy ~ Yours in Truth, Trust, Loving and Giving - Tibbi